Candy Crush Cheats, Tips and Hints

Candy Crush

by Emma Guy.

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Get The Better Of Candy Crush Candy Crush
If you love playing Candy Crush, you’ll love these top 10 ways to get the better of the game.

Search for the patterns

There is a great deal to be said about recognising patterns and then repeating them to clean out the board and speed your way to the next level. Being on the lookout for patterns is a great way to find the special candy and then you can utilise these patterns when you can make the best benefit from them.

Begin from the bottom

It makes sense to crush candies from the bottom as opposed to crushing candies from the top. This is down to the fact that when you crush candies from the bottom, candies will drop down and this provides the opportunity to benefit from candies cascading down. This will help you to benefit from what essentially amounts to free moves.

Look for combos

Experienced Candy Crush players know that combinations are the way to gain success in the game. Two of the most effective combinations in the game come when you combine striped candy with wrapped candy and when you combined striped candy with the sprinkle donut hole. These combinations will clear out more than half of the board. If you are looking to reach areas with unreachable squares, this is the only way to do so. There is also the fact that switching wrapped candy with wrapped candy helps to ignite a square of 6 by 4.

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Understand the stripes

Candy in the game is striped in the same direction as the last candy moved to conclude the prior formation. For example, moving a candy in a horizontal fashion will result in a horizontal stripe which will later explode in a horizontal manner.

Understand what puts you at risk

It is important to understand your risks and remove your threats in a proper and timely manner. Knowing the threat levels of certain risks will help you to attack in an effective manner.

Live life on the edge

When it comes to getting rid of jellies, start with the ones of the edge as they have the fewest amount of combinations. Attempt to get rid of the tougher ones first and if no option is available, go for the easier jellies.

Formulate a plan

Don’t just rush into the game; take the time to plan a route on each level. Calculating the most difficult elements will allow you to be ready for all of the challenges. Pausing between different moves will allow you time to think about your next few moves.

Enjoy chocolate when you can

Candy Crush Chocolate
It’s important to remember that chocolate doesn’t regenerate. If you eat chocolate in one round, it will not be present in the round. It makes sense to destroy chocolate when you can and this will prevent it from regenerating. You should also remember that chocolate stays away from special candy and chocolate, even though it can absorb bombs, will not eat a nut or fruit.

Look out for +5 Candy

If there is a candy with +5 on it, try to complete a chain because you will receive 5 additional seconds on your time trial status. If you are unsure if you are playing a time trial or on a clear the jelly level, you should look to the bottom left corner of the start screen. You will find what sort of game you are playing with the icon in this section of your screen.

Be clever with your time

For players that don’t utilise Facebook, there is a chance to pick up extra lives. You should move your phone or tablet clock forward by 2 hours and then play. Moving your clock forward by two hours will provide you with 4 additional lives when you play. The time will have to be paid back at some point but this can scheduled for a time period when you are sleeping.