Farm Heroes Saga Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Farm Heroes Saga

by Emma Guy.

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Farm Heroes Saga Tips And Tricks Will Help You Through Farm Heroes Saga
The Farm Heroes Saga game by King is regarded as a classic farmyard game where you have to “match three” in order to ensure you have the correct materials and crops to help you farm to grow. During the game you’ll have to collect some animals, ensure your chickens hatch, pick up some flowers and there is even an enemy in Rancid the Racoon who you’ll have to overtake. Everyone can benefit from boosting their skills in this game and whether you are an experienced Farm Heroes player or you are new to the game, some tips and tricks will steer you in the right direction.

Bear in mind what you learned with Candy Crush

Farm Heroes Saga comes from the same firm that created Candy Crush Saga and many of the tips and tricks you learned in that game apply here. You will want to look out for rows of four and five, you want to find L shapes and you want to find T shapes. These help you to rack up points quickly and when it comes to clearing the board of all crops, you’ll find that a row of five is essential.

There is a benefit to be found in completing your row of four as this will provide you with multipliers on crops that go around the cleared crops, helping you to rake in crops with fewer moves, which is always a smart way to play.

Look out for multipliers

If you complete a love with moves to spare, you receive a special Hero Mode. In this mode, random multipliers are placed around the board but don’t rush into them. You should look to grab the ones that give you more points and if you have moves left, leave some of the larger multipliers to later as they will grow bigger. You need to ensure you leave them in a place where you don’t cash them in.

Don’t use your beans on Rancid

You may feel that levels with Rancid in are harder but this isn’t the case, certainly not at first. This means you shouldn’t waste your beans as these come in much more useful for snapping up boosters. If you need to try the level a few times before you complete it, that’s fine, this is better than wasting beans.

Know what beans and multipliers are for

The score you obtain relates to the number of crops you pick up and multipliers multiply this score. Every crop is worth a point and multipliers will multiply that point. If you can meet your goals by using multipliers to clear crops, you’ll benefit by saving moves.

Beans relate to your final score. If you have 120 crops, you will receive 120 beans in your bank. Beans can then be used to purchase boosters or they can be used in your battles against Rancid.

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Go for flowers first

When there are flowers involved, get rid of these first. Flowers that are located in the middle of the playing area can be problematic so focus on them first and then look to match the crops that you need.

Don’t waste gold on extra moves

When you look to take extra moves, it costs you gold and you don’t want to ever waste gold on these extra moves. Using extra moves is no guarantee of success and more often than not, it’ll be a waste of your gold, so think before you act.
Farm Heroes Saga gameplay

Don’t build a pile of eggs

When you reach the stage where you need to match three eggs to be able to hatch chicks, be sure that you don’t have too many eggs building up on screen. This is because you’ll inevitably end up using more moves to remove the eggs than you will in swapping your crops. If possible, keep all of the eggs in one area and match them out when you get the chance.

Keep yourself low to the ground

Like most of these games, you want to stay towards the bottom because when you create matches; there will be a cascading effect, which will boost your play. This increases the chance of grabbing a combo and there is definitely an opportunity to pick up new pieces. You should always prioritise the pieces at the bottom as opposed to the pieces at the top.

Use your gold on gates

Gold is precious and it should only be used to unlock gates. Gold can be used to buy extra moves and pick up other boosters but these are not essential to making progress if you play successfully in other areas. For the optimum return of any gold that you have, look to use your gold to unlock gates.

Play with time to get more lives

Some people are more than happy to bug their social media friends for lives, but you don’t have to. Farm Heroes Saga, just like Candy Crush, has a glitch that provides you with the chance to move your clock forward and this helps you to replenish your lives.

If you go into settings and then date and time, you can move your clock forward by a few hours. Then return to Farm Heroes Saga and you should find that your lives have replenished. You can then reset your time to the proper time. This should see you with a full accompaniment of lives when you return, but this isn’t always the case. It can be a case of trial and terror, so feel free to go back in and amend the time and date until you have achieved the outcome you are looking for.