Papa Pear Saga Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Papa Pear Saga

by Emma Guy.

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Papa Pear Saga Tips and Tricks Papa Pear Saga
If you have been looking for a game that combines the excitement of pinball with the nutritional value of shooting fruit, Papa Pear Saga is the game for you. The game provides a number of exciting levels that will keep you occupied for a lengthy period of time. While there have been games like this that use bubbles, this game provides you with the opportunity to enjoy popping and shooting fruits, acorns and vegetables. This is one of the most important objectives in the game but there are plenty of other ways to play.

While the game is simple to play and easy to use, it represents a challenge for some players. The game can be frustrating when you find yourself playing and replaying levels. If you want to make progress with Papa Pear Saga, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks that will help you to make progress and see more of what the game has to offer.

Tips and Tricks

There are some levels in the game where you are required to achieve “x” amount of points and light up all of the buckets in the game. You should focus on the points tally at first and shoot at groups of pegs to pick up points. You don’t need to primarily worry about lighting the buckets as pears will end up inside these buckets. After you have met the coring objective, aim right at the buckets to light them.

It is possible to shoot up to 3 pears into a bucket if you are keen to get rid of the pegs quickly and pick up points. If you light up buckets, you should light up the ones in the corner first and then look to aim for the middle bucket. It should be easier to follow this pattern.

In levels where you will have to score an “X” number of points and light up all 5 buckets, try to If you destroy fruit or veg of the same style you will find that you pick up a peg that contains a special multiplier. These pegs will help to double the points you receive on each bounce. With these special pegs it is possible to achieve elements like getting rid of all of the acorns at one time.

If you bounce your pears off of objects, you will pick up additional points. This is where the similarity to pinball comes in and the higher the frequency of bounces, the greater the number of stars and points you will earn. This will help you to fill the star meter that is found on the top right corner of the screen and when you have a full meter, you will earn 3 stars.

Hints for playing

The pear shooter is located at the top end of the screen. You can move your cursor to aim and then you should shoot at the fruit and veg to remove them from the game. You have the score to score points in the game when you destroy pegs.

You should find that every level has more than just 1 objective. Some of the objectives include getting rid of objects such as acorns, radishes, carrots, veg and fruit. This will provide you with points. You can also light up buckets by shooting pears into the buckets.

The game will often provide boosters at various points but it is also possible to buy these boosters with Facebook credits. If you don’t make an objective, you will lose a life. You have the chance to refill your lives over time but it can take around 10 to 15 minutes to pick up a new life free of charge. It is possible to ask for lives from other players on Facebook which is why it can be of benefit to have as many of your Facebook friends playing the game.

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Making the most of the special pegs

The special pegs are boosters that can help you to make more from the game. When a pear bounces off of a booster peg, it will become even more powerful and this provides the chance to bag bonus points as well as getting rid of standard pegs.

You will find that these boosters occur when you have triggered certain combinations. Players can also pick up these boosters by swapping gold bars, but you don’t need to spend gold to get boosters and you certainly don’t need to spend your own money.

These tips will help you to achieve success without wasting gold or spending too much of your own cash.

Look for the Papa Grande Peg. When you hit this peg, your pear becomes bigger. It stands to reason that a larger pear has the ability to take out more pegs than a standard size pear. You should bear in mind that this pegs bounce rate will be lower. Look out for the Papa Fire Peg. This turns your pear into a fireball, which will burn and destroy common pegs at a faster rate. This pear will take out more veg and fruit than a standard pear.

Look out for the Split Papa Peg. This provides you with an additional pear, ensuring you have two pears earning points and taking out pegs.

Find the light up peg. When the pear comes into contact with a Light Up peg, a bucket will light up immediately. You will find that these special pegs and elements come into play after meeting certain criteria. An example of this comes with the fact that a special multiplier peg comes into play when you remove fruit or veg of the same type.

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Combos can create special pegs

Yes, you can buy special pegs with gold bars but you can earn them for free by fulfilling certain combos or conditions. Here are some of the best tips for making boosters or special pegs. Players looking for a Papa Grande peg, will want to ensure their peg removes 50 objects on the board. Players looking for the Fire Pap will want to bounce their peg off the edge of a bucket and then the wall. The Light Up booster peg comes into play when a pear has been hit off a lit-up bucket 7 times, although this only occurs after the 15th level. To split your pear and have two bouncing, you need to bounce the original peg off a bucket at least 5 times.

Here are some more Papa Pear Saga tips and tricks to look out for.

If you are able to shoot directly into a bucket, you will light it up and you will earn 1,000 points. To pick up 500 points, your pear should hit the ceiling and then bounce off any object in the board.

If you complete objectives, you will be able to trigger a bonus entitled Pear Fever. This sees all of the remaining pears being set free from the shooter pot, which provides a player with the chance to grab stars and additional points. For levels where players need to remove X carrots (or an object) and Y points, focus on initially hitting 50% of the objects total and 75% of the points total. Once you have achieved this, solely focusing on the remaining 50% of the objects tally will ensure you meet both objectives.

There will be levels where the buckets are blocked with lids or corks. To remove these lids, you need to bounce pears off the lids or corks on a number of occasions. Once this has been achieved, you’ll find it easy to place the pears into the buckets.