Pet Rescue Saga Cheats, Tips and Strategies

Pet Rescue Saga

by Emma Guy.

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Pet Rescue Saga Tips And Tricks For Success Pet Rescue Saga
Pet Rescue Saga is as addictive as any of the other popular games at the moment and this game has a really cute edge to it. If you find yourself playing this game on a regular basis, you will want to get some help. You’ll find the best Pet Rescue Saga tips, tricks, hints and cheats right here so if you are looking to achieve success with this game, this is the best place to start.

Focus on the pets

The main objective in the vast majority of levels is to save pets. This means you should focus on saving pets and this should be your main aim. Look for where your pets are on the board and aim to move them down as quickly as you are able. You want them avoid placing them on blocks with a single colour as this will prevent them from being paired. This means players have to think a few moves in advance. You need to look at where your pets are now and what blocks they can be moved to in a short number of steps. When you have fewer blocks in the game, this becomes more difficult but it is something to focus on.

Plan your moves

While this is common sense, and follows on neatly from the previous tip, it can be applied at all levels, not just ones that have pets. Planning moves in advance will help you to clear levels quickly and to boost your score. You will find that focusing on clearing out from the bottom up is the best way to play. This keeps you moving forward but also allows you to benefit from colours dropping down.

Know your boosters

There are a number of boosters to choose from but the Colour Pop and the Block Buster boosters are of most value. It is possible to pick up Colour Pops for free so don’t be in a hurry to spend money on this style of booster. These boosters are commonly the difference between clearing a level of failing to do so.

You don’t need to clear every single block

You may feel as though clearing every block is crucial in the game but this is not the case. There is no need to do this, especially on the pet levels. Your main focus should be on clearing out rows with pets on them and if this means using rockets or boosters, it will be the best way to do so. This is definitely a priority over clearing rows because the bonuses on offer for clearing pets are greater than what is on offer for clearing blocks.

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Look out for free lives

It is important to keep an eye on the number of lives you have and whether free lives are being offered from friends. If you have a full quota of lives and you accept them from your friends, you won’t receive it, and you can’t claim it at a later time and place. A good tip is to ask for lives when you begin playing and you should receive this when you play. This means when you run out, you should have lives in place to keep on going. Once you have finished playing, feel free to request more lives and when you return, you’ll hopefully have a bounty of lives waiting for you.

Bear your objectives in mind

You need to keep the objective of the level in mind. If a level has a pet requirement and a score requirement, but you only meet the pet requirement, you will not pass. This is extremely annoying and frustrating if you have used boosters to achieve the pet bonus but then found you have failed on the score element. This is where sensible use of boosters is required to reach all of your objectives, not just some of them.

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Don’t allow your pets to be snatched

There are pet snatchers on the loose and if your pet rises too high on the screen, they are at risk. You should keep an eye on your pet and if they start to shake, they are scared, and this means they run the risk of being snatched. A snatched pet will not return, which makes it harder to achieve your objectives of saving pets.

It is possible to pay to get a pet back but you shouldn’t be looking at this option. You should focus on matching blocks to move your pets down and you can use elements like rockets to get your pet closer to you and down the screen.

Boosters and bombs should be used wisely

Again, this is common sense but use boosters and bombs wisely. You will want to use them on levels that are more difficult, such as when the pairings are harder to achieve. You should find that on levels like this, a rock or bomb can make a massive difference. If you think you can clear the level without using a booster or bomb, don’t but if you need that added level of assistance, use it wisely.

Play on your computer from time to time

It makes sense to use your tablet or smartphone device to enjoy these games wherever you are, but there are reasons why you will want to play on your computer. A major reason is that sometimes some of the levels are easier on your computer. It may be that you are playing on a bigger screen but there are suggestions that the games are not entirely synced up, and that the Facebook or desktop version is easier. Many players find the Facebook version provides a lot more free bonuses as well, so this is another reason to play the game on different formats.