Sonya A Hidden Objects Adventure Walkthrough Cheats and Strategy Guide

Sonya A Hidden Objects Adventure

by Emma Guy.

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Game Introduction - Sonya A Hidden objects adventure

Sonya: A Hidden objects adventure is a hidden object based game from Big Fish Games. In this game 'Sonya' mysterious villains have stolen Lilly's life source. You will need to investigate this magical land to see who these villains are, the reason for stealing the life source and return it back to Lilly before it’s too late.

Don't worry with app-hints starters guide you will find all the tips, cheats and walkthrough you'll need to beat this fantastic little game available on iPhone and iPad.

Sonya Strategy Guide

Getting Started

To get started launch the app and click the "Play Now" button. Sonya is free to play; if you enjoy it enough you can unlock the full game from within the application. It's recommended that you have a good internet connection before playing as it does require a constant internet connection.

Once you start the game for the first time, you’ll need to begin the game by pressing the “Enter” button.

Sonya A Hidden Objects Adventure
When playing for the first time you will be shown an introduction to the characters within the game. If you wish to quickly advance past this stage then tap the screen to skip the dialog.

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How to Play

The main of the game is to collect objects which will then be used at a later date.
To collect items you simply need to tap them to collect. If there are multiple items tap them all to collect all of the items.

Once an item has been collected it will be added to your inventory. You can view your current inventory by viewing them at the bottom of the screen.

Once all items have been collected the scene will be completed.

Achievements and Quests

Completing Quests ensures you are on the correct patch to finish the hidden object scenes. Completing quests will also earn you achievements.

Activating Quests

New quests can be found by checking the icons on the left hand side of the display. Viewing quests will show you the tasks needed in order to complete them.

Collect Rewards

Once a quests has been complete you will be shown the rewards earned, simply tap the "Collect" button to collect all the rewards.

Claiming XP and Coins

Once a scene has been completed you will be shown a results screen. This screen shows the XP earned along with the gold and coins also earned.

Playing Hidden Object Adventure

On the main menu and throughout the game a magnifying glass can be found at the bottom of the screen, tapping this will allow you to select the object scene you wish to play (including re-playing repeated scenes).

Sonya A Hidden Object Adventure
You can play the same scenes over and over again this allows you to gain XP which allows you to unlock new scenes. However doing so will use energy, energy will be regenerated over time.

Sonya A Hidden Object Adventure Cheats
No current cheats for Sonya.