Top 5 Best iPhone and iPad Games of April 2014

Top 5 Games April 2014

by Emma Guy.

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Top 5 Games April 2014 top 5 ios games
Below you will find the top 5 games available on the Apple app store for April 2014. Be sure to check back next month for May 2014 top 5 games.

1. Boom Beach

Boom Beach
Boom Beach the latest hit combat based strategy game created by Supercell. Players build up their base and explore the tropical islands that surround it. Not only this they must fight to save islanders and take down the evil boss. Boom beach is free to player like all Supercell games. However, in app purchases are available to progress you faster through the game. Boom beach is available from the App Store now.

2. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2
Original released on facebook FarmVille 2 is now available on the app store. Play offline and in your own time to build up your farm. Taking the game online allows your friends to visit your farm and allows you to trade online with other players from around the globe. FarmVille 2 is free to play but in app purchases are available for those keen to speed up production of their farm.

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3. What’s the Difference

Whats the difference
What’s the difference is a puzzle based game by Candywriter LLC. The aim of the game is to spot the differences between two pictures, tap the screen when you spot a difference. Don’t take too long as the timer will run down. You can restart the level, however the answers will be different. What’s the difference is free to download from the app store and is currently in the top 10.

4. First Strike

first strike
First strike is a military based game where opposing countries complete for global dominance. Players expand into local neighboring countries and begin to increase their efficiency, missiles and military technologies. Once complete stocking piling of weapons begins. Countries can only store a limited amount of missiles for both offensive and defensive play. First strike can be purchased for £2.49 / $3.99.

5. Smash Hit

smash hit
The gameplay is simple, tap the screen to toss a marble to shatter glass obstacles in your way. Failing to smash specific obstacles results in your losing marbles, lose them all and the game is over. Smash hit is free from the app store, but this can be upgraded to unlock extra features.